“We believe in working together to help dreams come true …”

HearthStone of Wisconsin is a non-profit community-funded, all volunteer organization and as such, all donations go directly back into the community. Our participants are individuals with disabilities, their families, friends and the people within our communities who care for and about them. 

HearthStone of Wisconsin was founded by six families caring for individuals with cognitive disabilities in 1995 and since has established a 501(c)(3) non-profit status and a participant list in the hundreds.  HearthStone and its participants have been recognized for its advocacy efforts by the State of Wisconsin Bureau of Developmental Disabilities Services, the Wisconsin Council on Developmental Disabilities and the Governor of Wisconsin.

“We believe in working together to help dreams come true; dreams of independence, dreams of respect, dreams of achievement, dreams of laughter.  For many people, dreams like these may seem impossible or impractical. HearthStone participants are dedicated to helping one another to break down the barriers that appear to prevent dreams from becoming realities.”

The role of HearthStone of Wisconsin as an organization is to facilitate, communicate and educate ourselves, our families and our communities enabling all people to achieve their highest potential.    

What we are NOT:
We are not a human services provider.
We are not an “agency”.
We do not operate residential facilities.