It is HearthStone’s mission to help you and your family answer questions like these:

How much does it cost to belong to HearthStone?
Nothing. Our dues are do’s. No need to bring your checkbook. Bring your time, your talent, your commitment, your energy, and enthusiasm, whether as a volunteer or one of our members. Donations are deductible and are always gratefully accepted, but the value of your membership in HearthStone is based on what you make of it, not what you pay for it.

How can we make friends and find others in a similar stage of life?
Sometimes finding friends can be pretty tough … for anyone! HearthStone believes it is essential to develop natural, mutual friendships. Our organization and its volunteers plan regular, supervised recreational events and workshops designed to promote interaction between members and their supporters and individuals in the community. Keep an eye on our calendar for upcoming opportunities.

Do we need to arrange a caregiver or guardian to accompany our family member with a disability to HearthStone events?
Our HearthStone events and workshops are supervised by volunteers and directors with the organization, as well as occasionally professionals who specialize in the activity at hand, such as sailing instructors trained to work with adaptive sailing techniques for a day on the lake or life guards stationed at our pool parties. However, although HearthStone volunteers are dedicated to the safety and enjoyment of each attendee, it is up to the family or staff members who know the individual best to determine if a support should come along, as volunteers are not equipped to administer medication, ensure the safety of individuals prone to running, and other such services best provided by someone close to the individual. Caregivers, supports and family are always welcome guests at each and every one of our events!

Can HearthStone help with our advocacy initiative or assist with an event/fundraiser with a similar mission?
HearthStone is always open to new opportunities and initiatives to assist with that align with our mission of ensuring the best quality of life for individuals with a disability in our community. All opportunities are assessed and voted on by the board. If we cannot help out personally, we are always happy to help you network with others in the community. For inquiries, please email and schedule a time to drop into one of our board meetings.

How can I become a volunteer?
We are always excited to welcome new helping hands, whether you have an interest in joining one of our committees or advisory board, working directly with our members at events, or sharing other talents to build your own portfolio, such as in design, grant writing or anything you would like to bring to our table! For inquiries, please email

Is HearthStone a care/respite facility or a resource center?
HearthStone is not a facility, nor are we equipped to assist with case management or an active crisis situation. Our current focus is on offering community educational and recreational events for individuals with disabilities and their families, providing educational scholarships to individuals with disabilities, advocacy initiatives and supporting other organizations with similar interests in our giving.

However, our Board of Directors have personal experience with local services for families who have a member with a disability and can make casual recommendations to those interested or share experiences over a cup of coffee. We strive to ensure our families and individuals know they are not alone in this journey and can find encouragement in our HearthStone community, but we do not provide professional services.

We typically point our families and individuals to the Aging and Disability Resource Center of Sheboygan County, which is located in Sheboygan Falls. They are equipped to help navigate most questions regarding services and resources.

For a medical or emotional health crisis, please refer to this resource guide compiled by Mental Health America in Sheboygan County, or call 911 in an active emergency.